Getting in a Catering company, Pro’s and Con’s



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Employing  a Catering company, Pro’s and Con’s

Today ,We can look at the pro’s and con’s of a catering company to cater your event or Party.

Pro’s and Con’s


CON ;Events put a lot of stress and burden on the individual organising their event.

PRO; Having a caterer in to deliver the catering or other aspects of the individuals event takes so much pressure off ,the event takes on a whole new prospective .


2. CON ; The cost for this whole new prospective will cost.

PRO ; Does the time spent running around the shops getting ingredients ,preparing the menu of the day. serving the food,the cleanup on top of getting ready to receive your guests out weighs the cost.This is the individuals choice.


3. PRO; Onsite staff that can take care of your guests where the individual enjoys their guests.

CON ; Some guests prefer a more intimate gathering with just family and friends.


4.Time .

PRO; The caterer does it all so you enjoy the day.

Con ; This takes away some of your creativity for your day,where you can make your special selection of foods for your guests.


5. Space;

CON ; Does the individual have room to facilitate the caterer’s needs to produce the menu of the day.

PRO ;  A caterer worth his or her’s salt will make it work,that’s what they are they for.


Overall .

The caterer needs to be the right fit for the individual. As important is the individual to be the right fit for the caterer .The main thing is communication from start to finish. If both parties get on ,then it really goes smoothly .

Remember ,the caterer wants to see an Event go off just as well as the client.

For All party ,Wedding, Corporate Event.  Both want to succeed to make it the best for everyone .


your event is our priority.

We are here to help you have a successful event