Covid 19 garden Weddings



wedding anniversary catering Wedding dates and large wedding have takenĀ  a battering this year due to the covid 19 a new trend has happened,the covid 19 Wedding party catering.

Brides and Grooms are opting for a smaller gathering. With a select few of guests to share with them for their wedding day.

They plan to hold a larger celebration next year but for this year a intimate wedding scene is popping up.

Calls to cater for wedding groups from 10 to 30 guests in the next coming months .This is a wonderful idea,small cosy and romantic .We take care of the food and aroma .

Most Wedding parties are happening in the back garden,to fields,to any open space that will keep people safe and comfortable .

With a little tweaking,the movement of covid garden Weddings has begun.

Our bookings are for our BBQ and pig on a spit menus.Dublin and Cork are busy.Limerick and Galway also.We would love to cater at your part of the country.

The canape selection is popular also .

With our food catering business we have adapted to .

Putting in protocols in the catering and production of all foods.The cleaning and serving equipment for parties. Hygiene was always top of our setup but we have taken it a step forward during these times.

your event is our priority.

We are here to help you have a successful event