Micro Weddings

We’ve been giving the topic of micro weddings a lot of thought for our clients and those around the country since the impact of coronavirus. We’re seeing an increase in leads for smaller guest counts popping up in some of our most popular locations, and we expect to see that trend continue.

While some couples will opt to wait for a larger, safer gathering because that’s their version of a dream wedding day.  We do believe that there are many couples out there that are and will continue to embrace the micro wedding trend.  Our current circumstances will make this decision more acceptable with family and friends, especially in places where larger weddings are the norm.  As a result, these couples be able to spend more per person on their dream day.  This will open the door for luxurious micro weddings, that treat guests, truly represent the couple, and keep older relatives safer than a large reception.

  • Reason #1: More Unique Venue Options⁠ :sparkles:⁠⁠

Unique spaces ( such as Back gardens, Farm fields art galleries, breweries & wineries, restaurants’ private dining space, roof top apartments, and so many more) Perfect when it comes to capacity making them perfect for those intimate wedding celebrations.⁠

  • Reason #2: More Quality Time with Your Guests⁠ :sparkles:

Between the ceremony, family photos, dinner, toasts, cake cutting, and special dances, at the average wedding you’d only get about 45 seconds to interact with each person at a 200 person wedding. ⁠(Max 2.5 hours to mingle if you’re up during dinner and skip the dance floor)⁠. But with micro-weddings, you’re able to take your time. You might even all share a dinner table so you don’t have to get up. And you’re looking at spending 7.5 minutes/person if you don’t hit that dance floor. ⁠

  • Reason #2.5: More Quality Time with Your Guests (All Weekend) :sparkles:

A smaller guest count also makes it easier to have everyone join you at your favorite wine bar the night before or to have brunch the morning after in a restaurants private dining room. Making even more time to spend with the people who will be the support system to the commitment you’re making as newlyweds. ⁠

  • Reason #3: More Flexibility to Create Intentional Details⁠ :sparkles:⁠ ⁠

It’s simple math, you can do more with 15000 for 40 guests than you can for 100 guests. ⁠Because you are spending less on the necessities (Wine, bar, places for them to sit, etc., etc.), you can focus more of your resources on creating really intentional, personal touches that your guests will love.

Breanna McKendrick Photography
Breanna McKendrick Photography




Vendors from whom you can expect savings from for intimate weddings: florist,  bar, rentals, stationery, cake, transportation as these are based on guest count. Sometimes officiants also offer “elopement” or intimate wedding packages. Overall hair & makeup costs can be lower because you typically have less attendees, but base pricing will not change due to the size of your wedding.

Vendors like photo & video, entertainment, venue, and planning/coordination do not come with cost savings due to guest count as the work they do remains consistent regardless of the number of attendees.

We’re hoping this provides some inspiration, guidance and excitement as you begin to plan your micro wedding.


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