Party and Wedding catering Planning


Party and Wedding catering Planning

Party and Wedding catering Planning


Catering Party and Wedding planning is in new uncharted waters.

We here at the Whole Hog offer you not only fantastic catering but 100% access to our suppliers and catering experience.We have been organising and planning Weddings and parties for the last 8th years.

This gives us a hugh insight to catering and planning events like Weddings and house parties but also the work needed to make them a success.

We offer our partners in

Crockery and glassware.

Tables and chairs.

catering and dining equipment .

Waiting Staff.



Marquees hire.

This service is For all counties

All this under the WholeHog event catering business and all for you .

We cater but we also take care of our customers as well.From start to finish with your Event.

We want the catering and planning to be the best you ever had . We want you to feel safe hands. Catering and Planning for your day is what we do so you can relax and enjoy your day.

your event is our priority.

We are here to help you have a successful event