Wedding BBQ Time


A BBQ Wedding Reception  is the laid-back and affordable celebration for your wedding that guarantees a good time for you and your guests.  Backyard BBQ wedding receptions are the perfect solution for couples looking to save money without having to sacrifice space to spread out. However, serving a super upscale meal in a backyard wedding seems a little odd, which is why The Whole hog is here to break down exactly what to put on your table for a backyard BBQ wedding reception.

Building a Menu for a Backyard BBQ Wedding Reception

BBQ Menu

After attending your ceremony (and probably shedding a few tears), your guests are sure to have worked up an appetite. That’s why it’s super important to include some delicious Canapes  in your backyard BBQ wedding reception menu. Not only will your guest appreciate being able to snack and work up an appetite for the main course but will be able to mingle with other guests with hand held food in one hand and a drink in the other.


BBQ & Pig on a Spit

What’s great about choosing a backyard BBQ wedding reception is that you’re building a menu that everyone is sure to love. Barbecue classics like pulled pork, BBQ chicken, house pit beef are affordable and mouth-watering options to please nearly any palette, keeping your guests satisfied as they prepare to dance the night away.

If you’re looking to take your BBQ Menu up a notch, consider some of the Whole Hog Grill’s  options such as a full pig roast or grilled sausage, chicken, Salmon, Prawns brisket. All of these options are great for pleasing the crowd  and are sure to keep a few of them coming back for seconds.


Complete your backyard BBQ wedding reception menu with a healthy serving of tasty sides. The Whole Hog recommends adding a few vegetarian options into the mix, including Hot veggie , potato dishes and classic salads.

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